Online Sports TV

The Online Sports TV tab allows you to access the live sport streams of the day.


There are 4 pages of streams, that can be loaded by clicking on the buttons Sports#1, Sports#2 and so on; also, to refresh the links you press on the buttons.

All the live events are ordered by the time of beginning. You can search for a particular event using CTRL+F.

Each page has links (blue underlined) and by clicking on it you will be directed to the video of the stream. Usually these have lot of ads and popups, by with Cool Movie Browser all the popups are blocked. You will see some white windows instead of the ads, and can close them easily from their "x" small buttons.

As these streams are not controlled, owned or maintained by Cool Movie Browser, they may not always work. So, in this case just return to original page and try another one, and another one (usually they provide more streams for the same event).

Clicking on a good link will show the video in one page, like this -- you can maximize it to the whole screen from the player buttons.

To stop a video you can either: click on the back button (sometimes is required many clicks due to the stream ads logic), click on the sports page button (i.e. Sport #1), or click on the "Stop" button.
The version 3.5 will provide a new panel to have multiple streams at once. It is called MultiScreen, and it will allow you to watch many games at one time:

In tab Online TVs you can collect all your favorite sites.

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